May 21, 2011

A message from Il Volo

You're welcome! We love you too! xD


  1. Thank you Il Volo for the beautiful music - and we love you too.

  2. Of course, you have to love your fans! They buy your CDs, root for you, troop to your concerts, write blogs for you, spread the word about you, and do many other things you will probably never get to know. But then, we thank IL VOLO too for giving us a chance to hear music that's 'different'. In a sense, it's like walking over greener pastures!

  3. Love your music!!!
    To Piero:
    I watched Il Volo video in Chicago (La Mattinata), and noticed your voice seems to be changing... Please make sure you keep a close eye on this. Take example from Celine Dion who even learned how to sneeze so that it won't hurt her vocal chords.

    Your voice is a precious and fragile gift from God, take very good care of it and most of all, avoid cigarette smoke. Hope this message will reach you.

    With all my love,