May 27, 2011

Il Volo on Belgium TV

I typed the Dutch subtitles into Google Translator and it did its magic. Here's the English translation of their interview. Lol. I think it was worth it :D

Piero Barone: We each sang a solo on Italian television show. Later the director decided to put us together to sing. That was the beginning of the trio Il Volo.

Ignazio Boschetto: Yes, why not a boy band, we can each play a number of instruments when we aren't singing. Like a boy band, we sing pop music but also more classical stuff, or opera. We make pop music so yes, we're a boy band.

Gianluca Ginoble: We want to sing for the rest of our lives. It is our passion. We hope that we'll still sing about 10 years. We always, always, always want to sing!

Ignazio Boschetto: We want to sing at Madison Square Garden. Let us hope. (We wanna sing) at The Metropolitan Opera.

Don't miss Ignazio's beatboxing at the end!

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  1. Whoa! I didn't know Ignazio could beatbox!! That was great!! :)