May 21, 2011

Il Volo is #1 on Amazon!

Holy cow, look at this! Il Volo is the #1 bestseller in the ENTIRE music category! Il Volo is on the same chart with amazing artists such as Lady Gaga, Glee and Adele. In the sub-categories, Il Volo is also the #1 bestseller in pop chart and rock chart. I don't know how they got on the rock chart but that will be my least concern ;)

On the other hand, Il Volo is #2 best selling Albums on iTunes US! That means a lot of people downloaded their entire album rather than just a song or two. What an amazing success! Great job guys! Fly high!

*** Updates ***
May 21. Il Volo is #79 on the entire iTunes top 100 chart. They were ranked #93 yesterday. They are still #2 best selling Albums on iTunes US and #1 best selling music on Amazon.

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