May 19, 2011

Il Volo – A Captivating Trio Of Endearing Voices

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Q. Briefly, please tell us about how you got started singing?
Ignazio: I started singing at the age of 3, I was singing at home for fun as most children do, and took part in the school choir. Then my family and I moved to Sicily and there I started singing with a teacher.
Piero: I started singing when I was a child- I used to sing songs on my grandfathers lap.
Gianluca: I started singing when I was a child, in the square of my village.

Q. How does it feel to be compared to the great tenors?
Ignazio: To be compared to the Three Tenors is a big honor for sure, even if our repertoire is not operatic.
Piero: I feel very proud to be compared to these great artists, but with that comes a lot of responsibility and a strong commitment.
Gianluca: It is a great honor, we hope to follow and have their same successful careers!

Q. At your young ages, it seems a little surprising that this would be your preferred choice of music. Why did you not choose to go contemporary pop? And how has this type of music affected your life?
Ignazio: Since childhood I knew which my favorite kind of music was. I listen to all kinds of music, except heavy metal. When I was a child I really loved Andrea Bocelli, now I listen to blues, jazz, pop and opera as well.
Piero: We chose this kind of music because it suits our voices. This type of music really affected us- even though we listen to all kinds of music.
Gianluca: It is not is a choice, it’s just the way we sing, we cannot sing Hip-Hop or Rap, our kind of voice complements this type of music.

Q. What does Il Volo symbolize to all of you?
Ignazio: I always compare IL VOLO to an airplane, I think that to take off you have to push the engine to the maximum and every component of the plane is fundamental to take off, to fly and to land, so I think that IL VOLO has all the right components to do this trip, or this is what I hope!
Piero: To me “IL VOLO” symbolizes the beginning of a career.
Gianluca: IL VOLO for me symbolizes the beginning of my career, it’s a dream come true, because that’s what I wanted to do since childhood.

Q. Who would like to sing with in the future?
Ignazio: I would really love to sing with Celine Dion.
Piero: I like to sing in the future with Celine Dion, Lara Fabian and all the great artists of world music.
Gianluca: I would like to sing with Michael Buble, Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?
Ignazio: I think that the inspiration for every pop lyric artist has been Luciano Pavarotti, now I think Bocelli is.
Piero: My biggest inspiration is our group “IL VOLO “.
Gianluca: I am inspired by the great crooners like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Andrea Bocelli.

Q. What role does your family play in your career right now? How supportive are they of your profession and what are the challenges you’re facing so far?
Ignazio: Family is truly important and I really miss them when I’m forced to stay far from home.
Piero: My family plays a major role because they give me support and strength, and support us as a whole.
Gianluca: The role of my family is vital for my career, and it is always a constant presence by my side.

Q. Name one thing you can’t live without?
Ignazio: Oxygen (smiles)
Piero: I could never live without music.
Gianluca: I could not live without music; it has been my passion since I was a kid.

Q. What song will you most likely sing to a girl whom you’ve fallen in love with?
Gianluca: If I had to dedicate a song to a girl I’d choose “E più ti penso” which is on our CD.

Q. What advice would you give your fans to fulfill their dreams?
Ignazio: Mine is actually a direct message to the parents: please help your children reach their goals to make their dreams come true.
Piero: To make a dream come true you need luck to find the right people, much desire, passion and above all honesty with oneself, to understand your limitations and learn to overcome them.
Gianluca: Never give up, always believe in your abilities, always position yourself and never stop dreaming, because sooner or later you may realize that dream!

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  1. So sweet. Gianluca, without even meting you, you've stolen my heart<3 E piu ti penso.