August 31, 2011

IL Volo no Programa Eliana

Exclusive Il Volo interview in Portuguese. Yup, I have no idea what's going on. 

August 27, 2011

Il Volo Showcase in New Zealand

Il Volo private showcase in Auckland, New Zealand!

O Sole Mio

Il Mondo

Smile & Un Amore Cosi Grande

August 20, 2011

Il Volo Taiwan Tour Pictures

I like how they are SUPER attentive

and sing their hearts out

and have fun.

A studio decorated with a gigantic heart. So much love. Lol.

Can someone tell me what this is? 
Why do they sign on a big, red... what is that? A plastic bag?


Il Volo Malaysia Tour Pictures

Looking sleek guys!

Il Volo meet and greet at Popular Bookstore. LOL. Nice name!




Il Volo Singapore Tour Pictures

Up Close With Il Volo Private Showcase
What a nice banner! 


Il Volo Showcase at Toto's

Il Volo and A LOT of ladies. Both young and old! :D 

Il Volo and Chinese Hand Puppets

A random picture I found on the internet. Notice that Gianluca's doll is attacking Piero's. Lol. It was taken during their Taiwan promotional tour. 

August 17, 2011

Il Volo takes flight with flock of female fans

In the world of boy singing sensations it may pay to know the opposition. The Italian teenagers who make up operatic boy-band Il Volo have heard of Justin Bieber but draw blank stares at the name Jack Vidgen.

The Australia's Got Talent winner from Sydney's northern beaches clearly hasn't registered with the visiting Italian trio.

One thing is certain though.

Young guys barely out of short pants have something most of us don't: legions of adolescent female fans.

"We went to Mexico and there were all these girls standing out in the rain, yelling 'Il Volo, Il Volo we love you'," says Ignazio Boschetto, who started singing at the age of three by listening to his family's records.

The three members of Il Volo, which means "flight", fit the boy-band archetypes perfectly: the smart one, Piero Barone, 17; the good-looking one, Gianluca Ginoble, 16; and the funny one, Boschetto, 16.

After they appeared on Italian talent show Ti Lascio Una Canzone the boys were signed by record company Universal Music and recorded their debut album, a mix of favourites such as O Sole Mio and Charlie Chaplin's classic film tune Smile.

The boys, in Sydney to promote the album, met through the same singing teacher two years ago and have since become like brothers.

"We have spent so much time together, but we never argue, we try to discuss things," Boschetto says, as Ginoble gives him a playful punch on the arm.

Barone says they know how lucky they are to have risen to fame so quickly, thanks to their appearance on American Idol earlier this year.

"We definitely got our fame through American Idol, when our album was released there it was in the top 10 on iTunes," he says.

But Ginoble says the reason for their success has more to do with their passion for music. "Every day we practise, all the time we are practising," he says.

When it comes to musical inspiration the boys all praise their grandfathers, who reared them on the records of singers such as Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

But like all teenagers they have varied musical tastes.

"You know I like everything, I'm a teenager. I love Aerosmith and AC/DC, even Lionel Richie," says Boschetto.

Source: The Australian 

A Quick Chat With Il Volo - umusic

A quick chat in Auckland, New Zealnad!!!!

My favorite part:
Ignazio: Piero is the intelligent part because he's always with the glasses.
Piero: Because I understand them. It's really difficult to understand them.

LOL. These guys are talented, good-looking, and FUNNY!

Then they talked about their favorite musicians for foreverrr. They love Lady Gaga and Maroon 5 :D

Il Volo on the Morning Show, Australia

Il Volo performed Smile on the Morning Show in Australia. I love the Aussie accent!! And what a great performance by Il Volo :D I also liked how the video was sepia/black and white and turned into full color later.

I loved how they said before they were three good friends and now they are three brothers :) Awww.

August 11, 2011

August 9, 2011

Il Volo Trinity Stars Magazine Photoshoot

I like the color of Gianluca's shirt! :)

Exclusive behind the scene video of the talented band IL VOLO. For the french magazines TRINITY STARS & MELODY STARS. (Photoshoot by Bernard Mouillon).

Il Volo in Taiwan

They introduced themselves in Chinese in the beginning! It followed by another perfect performance of O Sole Mio and Il Mondo. Love when Ignazio sings his part in English :)

Il Volo was in Taiwan and they sung the second verse of O Sole Mio! 

August 3, 2011

Yahoo! Indonesia


I don't know why they didn't just do the interview in English. It's not like they were translating into Indonesian. Weird.

More Malaysia Interview

Interview (in English)

Learn Italian with Il Volo! or more like how to say their name correctly! Lol.

Il Volo on President's Star Charity 2011

I believe this event taken place in Singapore.

This Time

O Sole Mio

Il Volo Showcase in Malaysia

Il Volo did a showcase in Malaysia on July 30.
The place is called Kuala Lumpur at Bentley Music Auditorium.
Thank you linoralow for uploading them on YouTube! :)

Painfully Beautiful

O Sole Mio


This Time

Il Mondo

Il Volo Interview in Malaysia

Il Volo's LiteFM radio interview in Malaysia.
Yes, the interview is in English! :D

Here is another interview! 

August 2, 2011

Il Volo North American Tour Dates!


September 2011
24 - Atlantic City, NJ
25 - Toronto, ON
Roy Thompson Hall. Get tickets here
28 - Chicago, IL
Chicago Theater
30 - Montreal, PQ
Place Des Arts

October 2011
2 - Mashtuckett, CT
MGM Theater at Foxwoods. Get tickets here
3 - New York, NY
Beacon Theatre. Tickets on sale 8/5.
6 - Miami, FL
Jackie Gleason. Tickets on sale 8/5.
8 - Bahamas
Atlantis Resort. Get tickets here
9 - Melbourne, FL
Maxwell King for Performing Arts. Get tickets here
11 - Phoenix, AZ
Comerica Theater. Get tickets here
12 - Los Angeles, CA
The Wiltern Theatre. Get tickets here
14 - San Francisco, CA
Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium. Get tickets here
16 - Detroit, MI
Fox Theater. Get tickets here
18 - Boston, MA
Orpheum Theatre. Get tickets here
20 - Washington, DC
DAR Constitution Hall. Get tickets here
21 - Upper Darby, PA
Tower Theater. Get tickets here
23 - Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Theatre. Get tickets here

Who's going? I'm going! 

Il Volo on Premios Juventud

Il Volo performing O' Sole Mio :) 

Il Volo interview with Enrique Santos

A tri-lingual interview clip! Poor interpreter... lol

Il Volo - A Day In The Life in NYC

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble share their day in New York City.
This is such a great promotional video :D