August 3, 2011

Yahoo! Indonesia


I don't know why they didn't just do the interview in English. It's not like they were translating into Indonesian. Weird.


  1. Hi! I have a really important question. Seriously, I'd love for you to answer. Do you know what brand of glasses Piero wears? The thin black ones. I really need new glasses and his are so awesome. PLEASE reply to me, even if it is an "IDK". I really need to know. Thanks!

  2. They really look tired - their schedule is hectic and busy - hope they have opportunity to rest. Believe they are back in Italy the month of September. They will be performing at a location accessible to me in October. I will be as close to the stage as possible.

  3. Piero is so gorgeous!! His incredibly magnificent voice matches his great looks and personality.

  4. "What do you think of artists that use auto-tuning, like Justin Bieber?"

    Ignazio:"where? In their life?"

    Ahahahhaha. Imagine that: a machine that can auto-tune your life to how it should be.

    Ignazio's the BOMB here. He tries his best to reply in English, even though Gianluca and Piero can very well manage the language as well! And Piero really likes that drink.