May 19, 2011

Il Volo on American Idol

I'm sure Il Volo stole the hearts of America with their amazing O Sole Mio performance :)


  1. I can't say I speak for all of America, but Il Volo has definitely gained at least one American fan. I never thought of all genres that opera would make it to a mainstream show in America. I sat there in front of my TV going "Whaaaaat???" through the whole performance (not in a bad way). I'm glad they were on, because these three are incredible and I'm not worldly enough to have found them on my own :)


  2. Evidentually, the whole world will get to know the talent these three posses. I have been following them for 2 years and start and end my day listening to them sing. I only hope America embraces them the way the rest of the world has.
    God Bless Il Volo!


  3. I want to invite them over for dinner - and introduce them to my 17 yr old granddaughter!
    Love Il Volo!!!

  4. From the first time I heard IL VOLO through an email, I have searched and collected so many video clips. Words can't ever express how I felt and feel when I hear them sing. Totally amazing, unbelievable and bringing the three of them together has to be the most brilliant idea ever. I can't help the tears when I listen to them, and only hope that America captures you as Europe has, and that, for me, all I can say is "Thank You" for being. God Bless you, and always remain true to IL VOLO, and I hope Pittsburgh PA is on your worldwide tour.

  5. I thank American Idol for letting me find these three. My darling kids, I usually call them. I really wish they were my kids, It breaks my heart not to have them as my own.