October 9, 2011

Il Volo New York Concert (10/3)

At the Beacon theater. Love the high quality videos. Thanks!!


Can't Help Falling in Love

O Sole Mio

This Time

Un Amore Cosi Grande

O Sole Mio

Hasta El Final



  1. Estoy muriendo de amor!!!! They make my heart bits so fast!!! They are amazing!!!! We are waiting for them here in Argentina!! Thanks so much for this Blog!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Piero's close to being divine! His voice is just so pure and powerful that it takes you over. I always feel breathless after listening to him sing. I can't use enough compliments to justly describe him. To simply put it, he rocks my world! I'm addicted.

  3. Saw them at this performance...FANTASTIC!!! I have followed them for the last 3 years and their voices have matured beautifully as well as their self-confidence..Went backstage after performance to meet them...still humble...wonderful evening