October 9, 2011

Chicago Concert Review

Thank you Barbara N for emailing me her amazing concert experience!!! Enjoy! :)

I was thrilled to be in the Chicago Theater on September 28 for the Il Volo Concert. I am SO crazy about these talented young men and so impressed with their humility, charm, and stage presence! The intro act (Diva) was good but too long, and was followed by a long break when people were leaving their seats. When Il Volo finally took the stage they seemed to connect with their audience immediately, and their show was a real treat! I loved how they interacted with each other and with their fans! I was disappointed that the sound system seemed somewhat unbalanced, especially in the beginning, and the lighting seemed a little off and sometimes too dim. Il Volo deserves much better! They deserve the BEST! I was so impressed with their performance that I am also driving 6 hours to see them in Detroit next week! I am such a fan, their music is all I listen to since I first heard them on American Idol! I hope they produce a video of one of their concerts some day because they are so good looking and fun to watch while they sing! I think they have a very bright future and I pray they stay healthy, safe, and always Il Volo!


  1. How long is the show? I'm going to their concert in Detroit this weekend.

  2. You're right, Inna. For all the talent that they have, IL VOLO should have the best stage, lighting, sound system, etc. Their voices are phenomenal and the group is probably the best thing that hit the music scene in a long while.
    They're much, mnuch better singers than the Jonas Brothers and a million times better looking than the Three Tenors. To Ignacio, Gianluca and Piero: stay grounded while your musical career soars to new heights. Don't let the fame spoil you.

  3. Their voices are phenomenal ..Agreed