October 12, 2011

Il Volo Interview in Portugal

Portugal's exclusive story with teen singers Il Volo straight from Italy! I think the program is called Eliana. Does anyone speak Portuguese? 


  1. I speak portuguese and this is not in Portugal. It's in Brazil : ). I can translate if u want : )

  2. Please translate to English.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi, there you go : ) My english is not perfect, so forgive any mistake ^^

    *Take a ride on this trip to Rome and enjoy yourself!*

    Eliana: 1:oo pm. Diverting of the "vespas" (the brand of italian motos) we arrived to the hotel to find the boys of

    Il Volo. And look at the view that we admire while we were waiting for them.
    No editor, That's not the view that I'm talking about...I'm talking about down there, I'm so jealous! (talking

    about the pool).

    *The young trio conquers the public with talent and sympathy!*

    Eliana: Well, I'm glad they arrived quickly.
    Piero has 17 years old. Gianluca has 16 and Ignazio just made 17 years old.
    The 3 boys met in 2009, when they were participating in the Tv show "Ti Lascio una Canzone". It's the tv show "Raúl

    Gil" (a similar tv show from Brazil) from Italy, prepared to reveal great music talents. The winner was the

    handsome Gianluca who proved that talent and beauty can be together.
    The Tv Show final was emotional, not only for those who heard the Gianluca singing but also for himself that was

    surprised with a message of his idol, Andrea Bocelli.

    Andrea Bocelli Speech: "My first advice to you is always think with your mind. The second is always sing with your

    voice. And the third is always listening to what your heart says. And so, if in the book of fate are written that

    you will be a great singer this is the right road to follow to achieve it."

    Eliana: Together, the boys form the Group Il Volo. It's clear that this brilliant idea of bring together three

    fantastic voices and three different stylish teenagers , the Heartbreaker (Gianluca), the serious (Piero) and the

    funny (Ignazio), singing songs that the whole world knows, could only have been conceived by two conductors of

    success: Micheli Torpedine and Tony Renes.
    I ask how long it is Micheli entrepreneur of Andrea Bocelli.

    Micheli Torpedine: There are 17 years.
    Eliana: 17 years...
    Micheli Torpedine: I discovered Andrea Bocelli.

    *Three young Italian singers are conquering Europe and the USA: Il Volo!

    The partnership of Micheli with musician and producer Tony Renes is perfect! With more than 50-year career, Tony is

    an international star.
    He has written and produced songs for unknown artists (beeing ironic) such as Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Celine

    Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra... He even tells us about his friendship with Julio Iglesias:

    Tony Renes: Julio is like my brother... and I wrote many songs for him. I wrote songs that were famous in Brazil. I

    wrote the music and Julio, the lyrics.

    Eliana: He knows Roberto Carlos (Brazilian singer), he knows a lot of people...

    Tony Renes: Jorge Ben (Brazilian singer as well). A big hug to Jorge Ben. Well done, Jorge Ben (well, he makes a

    rhyme, but doens't make sense in english). (Both laugh). I believe that a phenomenon as Il Volo, a phenomenon as

    Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, is unique.

    Eliana: Make this account: sum a successful entrepreneur with a record producer, who knows all about music, plus

    three young boys with vigor and talent and multiply this for the powr of a international label, the Universal. The

    result is: (show them singing).

  4. Part 2:

    *Current success in the USA and Europe: discover Il Volo!*

    - And looks how they received me: (show them greeting each other).
    - It has a view here, which is the most beautiful thing in the world. Look at that!

    Gianluca: (imitating the eliana) "Coisa mais linda do mundo!" (Most beautifil thing in the world!)
    Eliana: (laugh and repeats the sentence) Look at that!

    Eliana: In these two years together, every day, they already feel like brothers. And what they say one about the other? Ignazio talks about Gianluca:

    Ignazio: He's stubborn and touchy.

    Gianluca talks about Piero:
    Gianluca: Piero is very ... When we are together, he always makes his part, a little more serious, a little more ... Let's say that is so, it's always a little serious. Yes, serious.

    Piero tells all about Ignazio:
    Piero: Ignazio is the most playful, but when it's necessary he's serious.

    Eliana: And I ask them if the songs of this first CD please also to young people, since they are more traditional songs.

    Piero: We thought that this CD would appeal ... our genre of music would appeal to only people with more than 30 years. But now we realize that girls and young generation love this kind of music.

    Gianluca: But I believe that if young boys, regardless of musical genre, knows that it is sung by young boys, appeals to them too, because it is a new thing, a novelty. Three young boys who sing this musical genre is the first time.

    Eliana: They are tenors, but they are young too. Check out what plays on Il Volo's iPod:

    Piero: In our iPod has all kinds of music. We listen to Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga ... because the Ignazio always says that if you like music, you enjoy all types of music. Therefore, we always listen to jazz, blues, rock opera. I listen to Opera ... all kinds of music.

    Gianluca: Yes, but no! This is like ... One of my favorite singers is Michael Bublé. I always listened to Andrea Bocelli, always listened to Frank Sinatra, but we're young, so we listen also Lady Gaga, as he (Piero) said. One of my favorite bands are the Maroon 5.

    Ignazio: I, on the contrary, always listened to our music style, but lately I started listening to Rock like AC/DC, Aerosmith, this kind of music.

    Eliana: The CD was released in 2010. Do they know how many times already sang "O Sole Mio"?

    Piero: 30, 40...

    Gianluca: No, no, 200, 300, it's different...

    Piero: I don't know (laughs).

  5. Part 3:

    Eliana: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio will begin a tour by USA this month. And soon, they will release a CD with Christmas songs. The songs were chosen with great care and advance.

    Ignazio: We recorded the Christmas album in August...

    Gianluca: July, July!

    Ignazio: Yes, July, August, yes...In August, in midsummer, we were singing "Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell rock".. (tehy all laugh)

    Eliana: It is clear that Brazilian talk with Italian, passes through football and each one of them has a favourite team.

    Gianluca: I'm a big fan of Rome.

    Eliana: Hum, Rome

    Gianluca: Yes. My favorite player is Francesco Totti.

    Ignazio: I was born in Bologna and I live in Sicily, so I should support Bologna or Palermo, but I support Juventus.

    Piero: Milan, Viva Milan!

    Eliana: Milan?

    Piero: Always!

    Eliana: You must know that the three tenors sang at the World Cup of Italy, in Los Angeles, in France, in Japan ... In 2014, in Brazil, you guys, Il volo, would like to sing in World Cup?

    Piero e Gianluca: Yes, sure! Hope so!

    Ignazio: We will sing the national anthem of Italy (all of them start to sing)

  6. Part 4:

    Eliana: Now, the subject which the Italians are masters, seduction, love ... Piero tells us what he's looking for in a girl:

    Piero: She should be simple, comprehensive, and beautiful.

    Eliana: Gianluca is the truly Italian guy, check it ou:

    Gianluca: She must be beautiful in her character (in her feelings) . I'm a person very romantic, I fall in love, so...

    Eliana: And Ignazio opens his heart...

    Ignazio: For me, if it is beautiful or ugly doesn't matter to me! (Eliana Laughs). The important thing is to have a heart and want to give it to me.

    Eliana: The interview is ending. And the good news is that everything suggests that Il Volo will be in Brazil in the begining of 2012.

    Il volo: We want to go to Brazil soon!

    Ignazio: Our fans on facebook, and on our website, ilvolomusic.com, ask to us: "come to Brazil!". And we want to go! Mainly at the time of the Carnival.

    Eliana: You don't know why (beeing ironic)...

    Ignazio: Yeah, Don't know why, but I want to go in the Carnival.

    Gianluca: To Rio!

    Eliana: Do they know something about the Brazilian music?

    Gianluca: Yes (Piero starts dancing ant sing "samba").

  7. Part 5:

    Eliana: I said to the boys that we had done a promotion in Eliana tv show. We selected messages from fans of Il Volo and we're going to give a kit with T-Shirts, autographed photos, CD. The boys wanted to see the messages. And I was already so confortable with them, that looked like they were all my nephews. Just notice how I spoke to Gianluca, what a rude!

    Eliana: Get out of the chair!

    Gianluca: What? I have to get up?

    Eliana: yes, that!!

    (Gianluca get up)

    Eliana: Because I'm older, and I'll sit here. You'll stay here. (Gianluca gets up and sits in Ignazio's legs)Because I am a mother, I'm older and I'll sit here.

    First fan: I just want you to know, that The love that I feel for you is "Un amore cosi grande". And just only the people that are your fãns knows that sentence, that is present daily in Piero's life (raises a poster): "Piero, put the Scarf!" Please make me (I don't understand what she said) this time.

    Second Fan: I met you at the beginning of 2010 while searching for videos of classic Neapolitan songs. Since that day I fell in love with you and I'm a super fan. Congratulations guys, Brazil is waiting for you.

    Third fan: Hey, Ignazio, Hey Gianluca and Piero!

    Forth Fan: Hey Il volo! I wish you all the success in the world, from the bottom of my heart! The Brazilian fans ove you guys!

  8. Part 6:

    Eliana: To finish the interview, I asked our producer to hide the gifts of the boys. And isn't that the Gianluca discovered the gifts?! And look at me, again, beeing rude with him.

    Gianluca: Look, can you see what is there? (pointing to the presents).

    Eliana: Oh Stop! Stop!! It's a surprise!! (She's like, "You ruined everything, Gianluca!).

    (Gianluca acts embarrassed)

    Eliana: Ignazio loves planes and dreams of being a pilot. Just had to get to know our 14-bis (a hybrids airplane invented by Santos Dumond) and Santos Sumond (inventor of the airplane).

    Talking to Ignazio: This is 14-bis. I don't know if you know, but Santos Dumond is Brazilian, and he was the first person to fly. This is for you to ride and play with.

    Ignazio: Ohh, thanks!!

    Gianluca: The Grimm Brothers from Brazil!

    Eliana: Piero loves racing cars and speed. Look his reaction to the name Airton Senna (Brazilian car racer).

    Piero: Noooo! (incredible).

    Eliana: There's all the story, a lot of things...

    Ignazio: Did you know that there's a song, by Lucio Dalla, that is called Ayrton in tribute of Senna?

    Gianluca: Lucio Dalla is a great singer.

    Ignazio: The first time I sang that song I started to cry...

    Eliana: Really?

    Ignazio: Yes, it's very emotional.

    Eliana: Ayrton Senna was...was... Brillant!

    Piero: He was the best!

    Eliana: And finally, the supporter of Rome, Gianluca!

    Gianluca: I can't believe it! (porca miséria was awesome LOL)

    Eliana: A Brazilian shirt soccer (turns the shirt), Gianluca!!

    Gianluca: Thank you!

    Il volo: Bye, Bye!!

    Piero: See you soon!

  9. Il Volo Portugal ;) - for the interested ones