June 16, 2011

Il Volo sings Il Mondo

Performance by Il Mondo in the TV show special for UNICEF. 
Spotted on June 15, 2011 in the Netherlands.


  1. Ragazzi, non ho parole...Siete soltanto STUPENDI! Incrdibili!

  2. I just watched il volo perform o sole mio in a mexican tv show called Hoy!!
    It was a big surprise to see them there! They were amazing as usual!!! They asid a couple of spanish words and sang a part of el reloj:)) they were so nice and cute!! They will appear on a spanish tv show called pequeños gigantes(little giants).

    Para Los que conocen ese programa (Hoy), Galilea Montijo presento a il volo y les hablo en italiano!! il volo se va a presentar en pequeños gigantes para que no se lo pierdan!!!!