June 15, 2011

Il Volo interview in Germany

Watch from 1:45!
Again, much thanks to the fabulous Google translator, here is Il Volo's interview in Germany.

Gianluca: On our CDs, there is no classic piece like "Nessun dorma" or arias like "La boheme." Our CD contains songs with lyrical music that lies somewhere between pop and opera. And this genre isn't very common. Few singers pursue this genre and we want to be part of this incredible device. We hope that we can bring this music to the German audience and hope they enjoy it!

Ignazio: We are aware that our music approaches basically not a very young group of audiences. The people who listen to our music are probably older than 30 or 40 year olds. But our goal is to make this music and get the young people closer. Younger people listen to pop-and rap-music daily. We hear this music genre too, it pleases us and we sing at home every time. But why should we not make our music accessible to young people?

No interview of Piero? :(


  1. Thank you for posting and translating this. And thank you for this blog! I'm so addicted to these guys. Wish there was an interview with Piero here; he's my favorite. :)

  2. Inna, you are doing an excellent job with this blog. Congratulations! I am a fan of IL VOLO and you keep me informed. This tryo is amazing!!!!! I check your blog everyday for some news about them. Keep on.

  3. Thanks guys! :D makes me feel good about what I enjoy doing. Il Volo is great!!

  4. Thease guys are amazing! Im not over 30 and i listen to them all the time! Yeah even though I listen to rap and pop daily I still abosolutly LOVE them <3 It makes me feel like im home living with my great great grandparents in Italy. They are AMAZING.
    And thanks for translateing!