June 7, 2011

Il Volo sings The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

Il Volo sings a part of The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga!
Well more like Gianluca is singing the song and Ignazio is beat boxing. 
Very short clip but it's so refreshing to see them singing Lady Gaga's song :D
Listen to the original song here.


  1. When are they coming back to America? Thank you Inna for all the updates.

  2. I have no idea when they are coming back to America. Hopefully they are planning some world tour concert of some sort!

  3. They'll be back in the U.S by septenber for their first live tour!! During this summer the asian promo will began.
    The Italian Opera Boy Band – Il Volo’s Asia Tour Confirmed!
    Tour Dates
    24/7 – 27/7 – Singapore promo
    27/7 – 31/7 – Malaysia promo
    31/7 – 1/8 – Singapore promo
    1/8 – 4/8 – Taiwan promo

    Then, in September, THE LIVE TOUR!! Unfortunatly, I'm Italian and I don't live in the U.S, nor in Italy...:(

  4. Wow! but is this info for real?
    They are going to Singapore twice? How come they are not going to Japan which holds the second biggest music market in the world?

  5. Hi, It's still me :)
    Is, the info is real. It as been confermed few weeks ago.

  6. I just hope I am fortunate enough to be able to see them when they tour USA. Hopefully it will be at a location I can get to. How are they being received with this type of music. I LOVE THEM.

  7. shoot, i hope they will come to Indonesia too..i'm a big fans of IL VOLO..why do they could come to singapore twice but can't come to indonesia?we have a major market too in here..i hope i'm fortunate enough to see them

  8. When in Vancouver BC (Canada)?

  9. are you coming to Vancouver, BC Canada?

  10. Yes I was quite surprised when they announced they were coming back to Singapore to do an autograph session and perform on a charity event. I went to their showcase and they were so good! I high fived the three of them :D they were so humble and cute, they deserve all the fame they're getting now :)

  11. Come to Vancouver, B.C. Canada, you have a huge crowd of fans here.