June 20, 2011

Il Volo performs in Palma

Date: June 18, 2011

Il Volo performed O Sole Mio in Coliseo Balear (also known as Plaza de Toros) in Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. I think this territory is governed by Spain but I'm slightly confused since the show hosts aren't really speaking in Spanish. In fact, the performance is for a German TV show called "Wetten Dass." Anyway the place is soooooooo cool.

This is Il Volo's 15 minute interview from that show, Wetten Dass. 15 minute interview is pretty cool, except I have no idea what they are saying ;(


  1. The interviewer talks too fast - the woman translating evidently leaves out a lot of whatever everyone is saying. She would be cute with Gianluca.

  2. I'm Italian and I will try to translate the interview in English. Unfortunatly, I don't really understand German.

  3. I just wonder... why wasn't the interview in English. I'm not trying to impose the language, I know they're in Germany... but if you watch the video you'll see that once the pretty lady realizes that Piero knows English she starts talking directly to them with ease.

    Anyway... I loved the last question, they're leaving their personal lives a mystery :D.
    The pretty lady asks if their single, Piero says no, then the lady notices Ignazio and Gianluca glancing at each other and well everything else is in english.

  4. The pretty lady actually asked if they had girlfriends.

  5. so, do they? in an interview on CBC they said Ignazio had one, either way, love their voices and the way they handle themselves

  6. Nope... the pretty lady asked if they were single, the translator asked if they had girlfriends.

    Ooooh and sorry for that horrible typo it's they're not their.

  7. I don't really speak Italian but I understood the one about the girlfriend. She asked if they had girlfriends. Piero said no, Gianluca didn't really answer but just kind of laughed an Ignazio and Ignazio said "next question". You're right, I remember Ignazio saying he had a girlfriend in an interview but I guess he's gotten a little shy about it since then.

    I wish they had just done the whole interview in English because the interviewer seemed to speak it pretty well and I think the guys do too.

  8. They were on Good Morning America yesterday - wish we had more advance notice of their performances in America - their music leans towards the older generation - however, these kids are multi-talented and given the chance, can sing all types of music which would draw in the younger kids. You go boys!!!

  9. Here's a link to a web page that has the video of them being introduced, interveiwed, and singing.


    be sure to click on the link http://http.dvlabs.com/mvision/2011/06/22/GRE100/hWzyfNlhdzfpzOZDcoLQ8VR0owmOvU2w.wmv

  10. I understood only a little. Piero said that they were singing solo on Ti lascio una canzone, then in the 4th episode the producers put their voices together. Gianluca said that their voices changed throughout the years. He said their families know that it is their passion since they were 3 years old and they were never forced and they always tell them to do what they like. Then Piero said its always their dream and passion and they want to sing for their whole lives. Gianluca said school is very important throught this age and they cant leave it. they go to a private school but not frequently cos its impossible, a day in berlin, a day in LA, they are travelling around the world and every hour is promoting on tv or a concert but they always have a tutor so they always study and sing. Piero said they met Jennifer Lopez 3 times, LA, american idol and a part after Oscars but everytime it is like the first time because shes so pretty it makes his eyes go like wow. Then they talk about their encounter with Steven tyler and how it was a great emotion and then they are asked if they are girlfriends

  11. Her is a translation, I think the translator leaves out a lot. I don´t speak German, but i have made my best...
    Interviewer: Hello
    All: Hello.
    Translator: How do you like....?
    Ignazio: We expect so much, we expect that will help us with our promotion, we know that after this program we will so much success . We hope that we continue il volo ( the flight).
    Translator: When did you start to sing together?
    Piero: We sang when we were little ones, and after, we did an Italian tv show, Ti lascio una canzone, and sang individually...
    Ignazio: we didn´t know each other...
    Piero: We didn´t know each other... in the fourth episode of this program, the program has decided to put our three voices together.
    T: When did this happen?
    P Two years ago, and then Il Volo was born.
    T: When did you start to have the voice? When did you hear your voices at the first time?
    Gianluca: When did we...
    T: The voices, When did you start to have the voice?
    G: We can say that even as we were children, we could listen this voice, we say very important voice, even when we were ten, but then the voice change over the years. We got this result with this voice, with a very particular quality, and more or less about two years ago when we did this tv show...
    T: The reaction of people was amazing because when you started to sing.. How was it for you?
    I: That's what people have (¿… ?) With 13 years and sing with this voice of 40, but we are young, we are three young people, aren´t we? So people remains amazed when they watch kids of 13 years sing with this voice, so the people remains like this...
    T: How is this for kids of your age, because you don´t sing pop, you sing classic music, What the other kids say?
    G: I must say the truth that there was a final replay of the younger public¸ even this music is listened by people of thirty years, forty years, they are fans of this kind of music. In our CD there are 3 pop songs, two in English and one in Spanish. Our CD is various...
    I: It's not really a classic repertoire, our gender is like pop opera. We dont´t sing La Boehme o Rigoletto o La Tosca, we don´t do this, we don´t sing opera.
    P: We sing opera in pop...
    I:They are pop songs sing with more voice´s preparation.
    T: How is it in Italy or in the United States? Does everybody know you?
    P: In Italy everyone knows who we are, because we are platinum disc there and golden disc in Holland, we are famous two years ago.
    T: So many groups, so many women...
    Piero and Gianluca: Ahhh. Ahhh, yes.
    T: How is your family, your mom?... Because you are famous?
    G: they are so proud of us, they have always help us and stimulate us.
    P: We are living our dream.

    G: Because they know, they know that this is our passion, since we were three years: They never forced to do this, they didn´t say: “ you have to do it”. Never. They used to tell us: “Do whatever you like”.
    P: After that, if we are able to do this is thanks to them because they are very important columns for us.
    T: Is your dream to be like this or this is already too much...
    P: For us is always a little, because we want to get to the beautiful arts, but this has always been our dream, so we continue to follow the highest goals thanks to the people who are behind us. The music is our passion, we would like to sing forever.
    T: What can you can do in Germany?, because in Italy everyone knows you...

  12. And the second part is here.
    I: Surely we want to bring our music, I think that it will be like that, we want to bring our voices and our music to Germany, and perhaps even begin to know a German artist and we will make friends.
    P: We want to bring our music to the young generation (in English) and for all the ages.
    T: Do you know a song in German?
    G: We are preparing a Christmas ´disc and there will be Stille Nacht., in german.
    T: Would you like to sing in German, now?
    G: No, no.
    P: We don´t have the lyrics. (in English)
    T: There is a song from the 50th and starts.... (She sings)
    interviewer I: You don´t know it, you will. I´ll teach you later (in English)
    All: OK, OK
    I: You need that, you have to learn it. (in English)
    T:Do you still go to school? Or the effort doesn´t worth because you have earn money?
    G Absolutely not, the school is very important, especially at this age. We can´t leave it. We take private class we do not attend school because is not possible, one day we are at Berlin, one day in Los Angeles, so we are turning the world especially now that the tv promotion has begun and also the concerts will start, but we have a teacher and we study. I study liceo classico (High school with a classical approach) he (Ignazio) Liceo scientifico (High school with a scientific approach) and he (Piero) Liceo tecnico comerciale ( High school with a technical- trade approach). We study all the time.
    P: At the end of the year we do exams.
    G: And after studying the school we learn canto (sing)
    Interviewer mentions J Lo)
    T: Then, tomorrow Jennifer Lopez will came here, What does she mean for you?
    P: Let´s say that the third time we saw her...
    T: third time....
    P: Yes, because we have met her twice in LA, American Idol, and in a party, but I was always as it the first time, because she is so beautiful that we remain with the eyes like this...
    T: Is he very nice?
    P: Very very nice.
    The interviewer talk about their American experience and mentions Steven Tyler.
    T: How was it?
    I: But certainly it has been our first experience with the American artists in this context. So, after our CD is released we have had a beautiful impact with the artists. there has been a real thrill, these artists looked to us.
    T: Do you all have a girlfriend?
    P: No.
    T: Because there are so many girls out there waiting for you...
    I: Next question (in English)
    interviewer: It was the last one, thank you, thank you very much, it was a great pleasure meeting you guys. It´s difficult always with the translator but I hope it was a (¿?) for you guys.
    I: It has been a pleasure to stay her with you.. (in English)
    Piero points at the translator and says: And with you
    I: and with this television In English)
    After this, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio say somethin in German.
    ich bin Piero
    Ich bin Gianluca
    Ich bin Ignazio
    Wir sind Il Volo.

  13. Thanks to the poster above me for the translation. I think it's really cute how Piero has such a crush on Jennifer Lopez.

  14. Thanks. I enjoyed reading the translation. I wish they did more in the US. I can't wait for the Christmas album.

  15. I just watched il volo perform o sole mio in a mexican tv show called Hoy!! At the end of their performance, they sang a part of el reloj!
    It was a big surprise to see them there! They were amazing as usual!!! They were trying to understand spanish and said a couple of spanish words:)) they were so nice and cute!

    Para Los que conocen ese programa, Galilea Montijo presento a il volo y les hablo en italiano!! Para todos los fans Mexicanos, il volo se va a presentar en pequeños gigantes para que no se lo pierdan!!!!

  16. This Spanish Island of Mallorca shown performance is part of a long running German series of very successful shows called "Wetten Dass". Check it out on Wikipedia. This German language entertainment show is sometimes staged outside of Germany (in this case Spanish Mallorca), and you will notice the audience is mostly German. We only see IL VOLO's performance, but Wiki will tell you about the performers involvement in the "betting" done by the entertainers, and others on the show.

  17. Why does everyone rigth so much! I think you guys are great and my advice to you: Don't stop speaking italian you will loose it! My mother is from Italy and now sometimes she forgets the words because she doesn't speak it a lot. SO SPEAK ITALIAN! P.S. your voices are AMAZING!