April 1, 2011


It was like a love at first sight.

I'm a huge fan of boy sopranos but my gosh, never thought a tenor-only group can sound so incredible. They really reshaped my thoughts and impressions on voice change. It was something dreadful to me (although I'm a girl so I don't need to worry about that) but now it seems like an opportunity.

Never really has been exposed to a group of young, charming, and most importantly talented tenors like Il Volo, I watched that clip with my mouth wide open. Then I twitted how unbelievable they are and watched some more on YouTube. Less than 48hours later, here I am, building a fan blog of Il Volo.

It's gonna be an interesting journey for me considering that I don't speak Italian at all. I hope you enjoy my struggle-festival.

*Note on the video:
It was aired on December 11, 2010. They performed O Sole Mio on some popular Italian TV show. 


  1. Same feeling I had when i first saw them! It really was love at first sight :D

  2. Same for me... I will be listening and watching their progress. Their voices are so beautiful I want to cry.

  3. Claro que comparto su opinion..en particular la voz de Ignazio me hace suspirar y siento que vuelo..

  4. I know how you feel I was doing whatever when the advirtisment for there CD came on and I right about MELTED when I heard them! Now I get to meet them when they come to Seattle for their tour! DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!

  5. I freeking love these dudes . I especially love Piero and Ignazio . But i must admit , Gianluca's eyes are dreamy ! I know how to play smile on the guitar . These people seriously inspire me . Im 11yrs old . And my name is Angela .

  6. I remember watching the show American Idol the first time I heard them sing; I was blown away, full force by those voices. I grabbed a pen and wrote down the name, Il Volo. At that time not much but thanks to those loyal fans that download things i
    n Utube
    and the TV station PBS, I was able to buy the CD from the show at the Opera House and even bought ticket to see them performing in Washington DC.
    I enjoy this page thanks for sharing your findings.