April 2, 2011


With English subtitle!!! Thank you!!! Grazie!!!! FYI, Humberto Gatica (the guy who said he thought they were "fake") is a renowned producer who has worked with artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, and Celin Dion. So happy to know that Il Volo is having an opportunity to work some of the greatest producers of our time :D

UGH. That embedded VEVO player or whatever is slow as a snail so if you wanna just watch it on Youtube without English subtitles, click here. That's why I transcribed what each said because I'm not gonna deal with that stupid VEVO player ever again! 

Gianluca: Music to me is life. It's a way to convey what's inside me.
Ignazio: Music is like family. It's something that you breathe everyday. 
Piero: To me, music is everything. It's like food and oxygen. When we're in the studio for hours and hours recording, sometimes we forget to eat. Music becomes everything.

Yay, fly high Il Volo!