April 2, 2011


I found this! Omg, I was so thrilled to find something on my own. Il Volo was on an Italian radio show called "Deejay Chiama Italia" on January 19, 2011. There are videos too! except I only understand certain words like "three tenors" and "sing" and "thank you" ... and I think that's it. Lol.

Although I didn't understand what the heck is going on (I enjoyed their accent!) I thought it was funny how they were kinda huddled together because they were sharing a microphone while the older guys had one for each. At one point, the old guy in white jacket started to say some Italian word that sounded like he was dropping f-bombs. And he actually said "what the fuck" in English when he was talking about We Are The World 25 For Haiti. Lol. I'm guessing he said something like when Il Volo started to sing, all the other singers looked back to check who they are and supposedly said "wtf."

The old guy with black glasses who looks like Nicolas Cage in the movie Sorcerer's Apprentice (lol) must be Il Volo's manager whom I cannot recall the name at this point. I think he's some kind of big shot in the music industry but his name slipped out of my mind. oh well.

I love how soft Ignazio's talking voice is when his singing voice is like an exploding nuclear bomb. The old guy in white jacket is dropping words like "Oprah Winfrey," "American Idol" and "Glee" but that's the only part I understood. Maybe he was asking if Il Volo will go on big shows like those.

Click here for the part 1/2 and click here for the part 2/2.
Please leave me a comment if you speak Italian! :'(


  1. I'm Italian ;)
    In the videos they are talking about how they met, how they was put together by Roberto Cenci. They aloso talk about the style of music that they like: Gianluca - all but hardrock
    Piero - all, AC/DC, Iron Maiden...
    Ignazio - all, jazz...
    They were also talking about We Are The World for Haiti.
    They also speak about they're american experience, they're debut in the U.S.

  2. In the second video they're speaking about their choices in the album, Smile (cChaplin) but also how the album was created, how they worked...They also speak about their experience in the U.S, tehy english level ;)....They speak about their family and the support that they give to them, how they react in front of the begining of their carrer.
    They still study and they will continu their studies.

    The man thaht speaks is Tony Renis, a very character in the music industry. He is one of their producers with Humberto Gatica.
    The man behind in their manager - a very famous one- Michele Torpedine.

    Grazie a tutti e buona giornata

    P.S: Il Volo, siete stupendi!!! <3

  3. Thank you so much for your kind translation!

  4. I´m a big fan of Il Volo, so I made the translation of the interview. Pleas, correct any mistake, I ´don´t speak english as well as I wish. Anyway, enjoy it.

    Radio announcer. We´re listening DJ Chiama Italia at noon. We´ll have twenty interesting minutes. We start with the youngest: Tony Renis, We have here with us three kids that have forty years old together How do you do, Tony?
    TONY RENIS: I´m fine, well, thank you for the invitation.
    RA: It´s a pleasure, it´s a pleasure. This is an international adventure for this three boys, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.
    Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio: Good morning.
    RA: Piero is from Agrigento; Gianluca.is from Rosetto in Abruzzo
    G: Exactly,
    RA: And Ignazio, is from Marsala district of Trapani, located on the western coast of Sicily. You know them with the name of Il Volo. This three boys are coming from a successful television show. They are far from their homes. Who is blame for this?
    TR: It´s Roberto Cecci ´s fault, you know him also because he is a very good musician. Actually, Roberto has discovered them and he had the instinct of putting them together. He has said: “Let´s put together this three boys”.
    Gianluca: As Tony has said, we were alone, but into the fourth episode, he has put us together and has formed this kind of trio. The beatiful thing about us is that we have three completely different voices.
    Piero: And they mix all well.
    RA: Listening well together.
    G: With harmony simultaneously
    RA:: What´s your favorite music?
    G: I love all kind of music betwenn the hard rock, pop, Michael Bubble. I like everything and all kind of music.
    P: I listen everything from Elvis to Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osburne, all kind.
    I: I listen jazz.
    RA: Who´s fault? Your parents has built you in this way…
    I: Yes, They have formed our musical passion, because he (Gianluca) listens a lot of Gaber
    G: My father always made me listen all the great musician: Gaber, Andrea, then this is part of my taste but it could be more.
    RA: One question to the producer: Where are we going with these guys? You told me that when you put them with Quincy Jones he said: ¡¡What a focking boys!! ¡¡What a focking boys!!
    TR. Yes, he didn´t believe what he was listening. There were about forty superstars: Celine Dion, Streisand, Cher…At a certain time, for discretion, I and Humberto Gatica, the two producers, have put them in the corner because they were the only Italian singers, the youngest and, let´s say it, unknown as well. To a certain point, when they started to sing We are the world, everybody turns around and said: “What a focking!”
    G: I want to say that we, of course, were embarrassing because we weren´t nobody, because the CD was released in November, then in February, eight months later we didn´t start the american experience, this in an international project in Italy and in America. The CD will be released in March, so we're starting to promote it, we are making the foundation of our project.
    RA: This is already a catchy name for the american market: IL VOLO. It reminds me a flight...
    TR: With this important manager and one of the most great managers at global level: Michele Torpedine, he´s here and didn´t want to come here. You know that with Michele we fell very lucky because these guys who have extraordinary talent....
    RA: Surely you have heard the CD, however, let's hear it. Definitely you have seen them, and remember the TV show, but not everybody has listen the record, althoughut it has had a small success. You come from a small world and became an international phenomenon. Anyway, Charlie Chaplin sang this song, Smile, and Michael Jackson too.

  6. Second part
    Smile, a clasic song, one of the famous american song in our country. Who made it hear to you Tony, Gatica?
    TR: Yes, Humberto Gatica, I wanted another one, another success, (Tony sings) but Humberto said to me: “No Tony, let´s do Smile”
    RA: Did you know this song, Ignazio?
    I: No, no, no. I got a call one day:” Look, we are deciding Smile. What do you think?” When I heard it, a Michael Jackson’s version, I just stayed....spechless.
    RA: Who is the boss between you?
    G: Nobody.
    Ignazio points to Piero.
    RA: Bravo, Piero.
    G: He won´t be the boss anymore, at least we hope.
    RA: But let's say that in any talk …who speaks, who says what...
    RA: Piero, let´s talk about the american trip. You did the CD partly in Italy, partly in a studio in London...
    P: Yes, we have recorded the music with the London Symphony Orchestra and we have recorded all the harmonies in the studio in LA, Humberto Gatica´s studio, and the voices here in Roma. And when we arrived to America...
    RA: How do you go with the English?
    G: We are learning.
    I: Very well
    G: We´ll go to Los Angeles, even for this, to make a full immersion course in English.
    I: Full immersion
    RA: Where will you go? You have to do important interviews.
    TR: Then, in project, Oprah Winfrey, American Idol and probably Glee. Now, Glee it´s a great success in America.
    RA: That´s true.
    TR: We expect a lot, because they are priority¨s Universal co, because this is the first time in history that an italian group, unknown for the United States, signed a contract with a multinational company will and in Hollywood.
    RA: And your parents, how do they take this? Are they concerned about this? Are they enthusiast? Because, some of them are with you this morning... The journey of the singer is already a dangerous thing, and the journey of an international singer is ...
    I: They´re very happy, because all the guys in the world have dreams of becoming someone, to do what they dream...And we are living our dream, and we are very happy.
    G: But our parents, in my opinion, have told us that the most important thing is to live this situation with all the tranquility and all the passion that we have. We believed that after that program this thing was over, that it has been a beautiful thing, OK... But...
    RA: How do you reconcile this international life with the fact of be a teenager. To be a teenager is something...Do you have time to go to school?
    G: Yes, yes.
    G: We make the examen for the school. We do the exam each year, classical High School. But we are studying everything, then we try to reconcile all because it was impossible to make everything: school...
    RA: Do you find a fault in these three boys?
    TR; No, no. I must said...
    RA: Do they arrive late?
    TR: No, no.
    RA: Do they sleep a lot?
    TR: No.
    RA: Do they eat little, do they eat too much?
    TR: They eat so much, specially Ignazio.
    RA: One of them…
    G: Now, he is following a diet
    TR: He has promised that he will make a diet... Michele, do you find a defect?
    RA Michele doesn´t want to talk..
    TR: Michele is with them daily, perhaps he knows...
    RA: All right, let´s the music speaks for itself. What song should we listen now? I have seen that you guys, fortunately,have different ideas. O sole mio, in an Elvis Presley´s version? Let´s listen anorher song: Il volo, Il mondo, the radio...

  7. Thank you so much for the translations!

  8. Even if not perfect, you got us a very realistic idea of how the interview went. The translation was way better than Bing or anything else I've tried to use to get a decent translation. Thank you. It was a great help to me.