September 25, 2011

Il Volo New Jersey Concert (9/24)

I can't believe some clips are already up on YouTube! O_O So fast!!

Il Mondo

Faniculi Fanicula


O Sole Mio (They did two versions of it. This one is mixed with the English verse)

O Sole mio

This Time



  1. They make me feel like a teenager again - and believe me I am far from being young. After seeing these videos can't wait until October 21st for their concert in Philadelphia. They put on a good show - love the standing ovations!!!

  2. Too bad the sound and video quality were poor. Looked like a nice show.

    And now you have another follower to your blog.
    I saw Il volo on Ellen Degeneres show about a month ago, singing 'o sole mio, got blown away. And since then, not a day has gone by that i haven't listened to their music!

    I too feel like a teenager again, as the Anonymous comment above said. I'm soon 22, so not THAT far of from the teens yet. But still.. I never get so excited or crazy about something as I've become with Il volo. They just have something special! (and usually I'm more of a rock/metal, power metal girl)

    Too bad Sweden doesn't seem to have that big of a fan base for Il volo, so they're not coming here, and I'm not able to come to them :P I would gladly have paid money to go and see them.

    Thank you for starting up this fanblog, i really enjoy it!

    And now im done with my superhuge comment..


  3. Ignazio looks fantastic - he has lost a lot of weight. Enjoy all the antics along with the performance. How can we wish Ignazio Happy Birthday?

  4. To the anonymous commenter asking about how we can wish Ignazio a happy birthday, there is a group card here:

  5. Hope you read this Inna - is there any discord among the group and the handlers? Gianluca's dad seems to be posting statements that hint at a problem of control. I hope not - the talent is the three singers, not one. They can pursue individual careers once they are established.